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About Us

My name is Gina Grote. I have been involved with dogs since I was a young girl. I began my career as a Professional Pet Groomer by serving as an apprentice at a local Pet Salon in 1972. Completing my program in 1973, I went to work at a boarding kennel in January of 1974. Eventually I purchased that property. For 42 years I have been involved with all aspects of dogs. Breeding, Training, Grooming, Showing, Boarding and helping people get the perfect pet for their family. I have bred, raised and shown to Championship requirements with the AKC and CKC over 26 Champions under the prefix of Clinton Oaks. However, the most important part of what I do is to breed the finest dogs possible and match them to a family that wants one. As a breeder only a small fraction of the dogs we breed go on to become a Champion. It is a costly and frustrating endeavor sometimes. Without loving families we wouldn't be able to do what we do. Clinton Oaks, armed with the technology currently available we make sure all breeding pairs are healthy. This has enabled us tonproduce some of the finest companion dogs anywhere. Each dog in our breeding program is screened for abnormalities relevant to their breed.
Currently we screen for the following:
  • All of the dogs (requiring the test) used in our breeding program are PennHip or OFA Certified
  • We do eye exams. Those exams are done by Board Certified Canine Ophthalmologist, Dr. Daniel Lorimer, DVM.
  • Cardiac Exams on Golden Retriever's
  • We also adhere to the breed standards as written by the GRCA, ASC, VCA and published by the American Kennel Club.
  • All of our dogs offspring are Registerable with the American Kennel Club on the Limited Registration option.
  • Our dogs represent nearly 10 generations, (at least 40 years) of certified dogs.
When it comes to hip & eye disorders we can only certify that the breeding pairs themselves are physically clear of abnormalities. The screening for Hip Dysplasia & eye disorders shows us that physically none of our dogs have HD or eye disorders. I’d like to make clear that there is not a breeder around that can guarantee all offspring will be free of inherited disorders, it is simply not possible. However, as a responsible breeder we do everything in our power to reduce the odds. There is always a possibility that our dogs may carry the gene for inherited disorders as of now there is simply no way of knowing when and if a puppy will be affected.  After several generations we feel we have significantly reduced the odds in our pedigrees by testing and using unaffected individuals.  However, despite our best efforts we have not totally eliminated certain issues and statistically we have a very low occurrence of problems. We also attribute this to a great foundation by reputable breeders before us, selective breeding processes, our recommendations of delaying spay and neuter, judicious use of vaccines, topical and oral products designed to prevent parasites and extreme caution with products on lawns. Simply put, we have done and continue to do our very best to provide well bred dogs and recommendations for the care of your pup. We want you to have as many years as possible with your dog. Limited Registration means all puppies can be registered with the AKC and have a certificate. But, they are not to be used for breeding, should they produce any offspring, those puppies are not eligible for registration. This option discourages individuals who are not knowledgeable in breeding practices from breeding dogs. This enables us to protect the efforts we put into our planned breeding program, as well as the work breeders before us have done. Breeding dogs requires a knowledge and understanding of animal husbandry. We warranty all of our puppies temperaments under normal conditions of stress. Read about our Puppy Matching procedure! Dog Breeding Information & Dog Breeding Advice