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Breeder Referral

We are pleased to refer responsible breeders. We urge you to always visit a breeder before finalizing your puppy purchase, if this is not possible, please get referrals before you commit. Reputable breeders will be able to give references. If you are able to visit and arrive and for some reason your "gut" tells you something is "not right" go home. Many awful people have the best web sites. Where they are born and raised that should be clean and tidy. Even though Puppies are a messy lot, they should be happy and well socialized and their area clean with fresh water available and suitable bedding and litter. A childs wading pool, dirt floors in a barn is not acceptable. While a breeder may not invite you to the maternity area proper to see a mother and her should still be invited to a comfortable clean area within the home to visit with the breeder themselves. I have heard untold stories of horrible conditions, yet buyers still 'rescue' the puppy from horrendous conditions. I have mixed feelings about this. I hate to see any animal suffer.  Ont the other hand, continuous sales ensure more puppies in the future. Its a double edged sword. Id rather you walk away and report what you see to proper authorities. That is the only way to shut down unscrupulous breeders. You should be able to see information on puppies either in hardcopies or electronic form, to see the dam and possibly the sire, if he is on site. The breeder should feel comfortable to discuss things like the temperament and health warranty, what health work has been done on the puppy thus far and what to expect from the breeder in the forseeable future and answer questions about the breed in general and puppy rearing. You should have materials at your disposal to aid you in the initial weeks at home. Do not feel offended if the breeder asks you questions regarding your qualifications as a pet owner. Remember, finding the right home for our puppies is just as important to us, as finding the right pup for your family is to you.
 Please call 586.482.2275  for breeder referral we no longer post this information on our web site.