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Clinton Oaks is all about well bred dogs and education. Educating anyone who is interested in adding a pet to the Family. Once you make the decision, there is a protocol you should follow to make sure the best puppy for you and your lifestyle, ends up in your home. We teach how to properly raise a good canine citizen. There are many ways and many levels of service. Included in our Puppy Package are basic training techniques. These are the fundamentals you need to know. Housebreaking, proper to day manners. Training is done by you or by you in a class situation lead by an instructor. We highly recommend attending a class at a local training facility. This enables you to properly socialize your pet in a group situation under "temptation" it also enables you to pick the brain of your instructor should you encounter difficulty. Locally (metro Detroit area) we recommend Sportsmens Dog Training, {click link to visit their web site) For out of state pet owners, call your local Grooming Shop or Veterinary Hospital for a recommendation. Here are guidelines for age appropriate exercise a pup should be allowed to do. Not following guidelines can lead to growth plate injuries and other joint issues. Like hip or elbow Dysplasia. image  
Turn Key Dog
This is becoming popular for anyone who wants to get a family pet, but might not necessarily have the desire to raise a young pup to the age where they become 'settled'. Especially attractive to Families with young children, busy Professionals and Seniors who don't want a puppy. A Turn Key Dog is selected from one of our litters at 7 weeks especially for the family where it will eventually be placed. We raise the puppy in our home, house train and obedience train the puppy and at the appropriate age (agreed upon with family) the puppy is placed in their home.
  • Crate Training
  • Housebreaking
  • Obedience
  • Controlled walking on lead
  • Down/Stay, Sit/Stay and Come
  • No jump
  • Appropriate behavior in a home and in public
Puppy is raised in our home and tailored to the needs of the family.  Placement is about the age of 6 months. Includes a manual and personal home visit with instruction on delivery. This is to 'teach' you how to continue on with your newest family member and to guarantee continue good results. Get Quote
Vacation Boot Camp
This service offers training by myself at our facility. I have many years of experience in raising and training dogs to be wonderful companions. I also can help with problem solving, training for the difficult dog. It does not have to be a dog bred at our kennel. This service is extended to all breeds and all clients who are willing to part with their pet for a week or two for extensive training. Also included after training is completed,  a home visit to orientate your pet and you to the methods used in training your pet. and to demonstrate the techniques you need to use for continued good results. Cost is price of puppy, plus training and board. We also train for field work. This is considered a 'started dog' prices are again price of puppy + field training work as well as all the above. Get Quote
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