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Raising a Puppy

You should be willing to go to obedience classes with your puppy, even though you may have been in the past. The classes are for the puppy to learn social skills and should be considered a refresher for you to reinforce what you may already know. You should own or be willing to purchase and use a dog crate. This is a TOOL in training. It is not cruel. Regular veterinary visits to maintain the health and happiness of your pet. Practice discipline in a logical and humane manner. Not ALL training techniques are alike. Realize that you get out of your pet what you put into it...just like children. What works for some dogs may not work for another. Not all dogs are alike. Contact the breeder if you have any difficulties or questions. Our service is for the entire time you own your puppy...we consider ourselves consultants as well as 'matchmakers'. We WANT to be a part of your relationship with your pet. My job does not end the moment you walk out the door. Also take advantage of daycare services if you have a facility in your neighborhood...this is a perfect way to acclimate your pet to other dogs and to a kennel atmosphere when the time comes for you to travel or in the event of an emergency if you need to use such a service. As always practice due diligence in choosing the right care giver for your pet. Your neighbor or family member may be your first choice and convenient, but they are NOT professionals trained to handle dogs or recognize issues. Remember, It takes a family to raise a puppy. If you do not have the commitment from all members of your household or family to help in rearing this puppy. Please do not get the puppy. Parents must be realistic about the contributions young children can and will make. Most often the "promises" evaporate shortly after the novelty of the puppy has worn off. If you expect your children to pitch in, and they do. GREAT! If they don't, please do not use this puppy as a pawn in the struggle to get more co-operation from your kids. Expect that YOU, the parents will bear most, if not all of the responsibility of this pet.