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I get phone calls every day for families looking for a puppy. Often, the caller has a particular time frame in mind. After 'school gets out' is a popular request or 'after my vacation'. I will take a moment to explain how Mother Nature works. Dogs come into 'season' or 'heat' every 6 to 8 months...sometimes 1 time a year. The most common time coincides with the shortening and lengthening of the days. So that would mean Aug-Oct and then the lengthening of the days in January-February. Pregnancy is 63 days (9 weeks) then 7-8 weeks before the pups are ready to go. SOMETIMES, but not very often we have puppies ready to go "after June 15" but to expect a puppy to be ready at the exact same time as you are ready to receive it...rarely works out. So my advice is this. Look around and decide what breeder you want to work with. Most if not all will help you with your timing. If you have a vacation scheduled, you can bring your pup back to the breeder for boarding, if they offer. If you are a Teacher trying to coordinate your summer a little more flexible. The puppy WILL adapt to a schedule, no matter what it is. Eventually you go 'back' to school so your pup will be alone in September. The absolute best time to get a when they are ready to go home. All other scheduling difficulties can be worked out...all you need to do is ask.