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We are expecting puppies around April 15, 2017



Call or email for info on pups.


Clinton Oaks Payton of our Place "Payton"





Ch. Wata Buckley Brown





  • Health & temperament warranty
  • Home raised
  • Bi weekly progress reports for entire 8 weeks
  • AKC Registered
  • Microchipped & chip enrolled in AKC Reunite
  • 1st vaccine
  • Wormed
  • 1st Vet exam
  • Volhard PAT  tested and matched to your family
  • Paper trained
  • Lifetime support
Visit us on Facebook       The Vizsla is a Pointer that specializes in upland game. The Vizsla is bred to be a close working gun dog. These days in addition to hunting, families are discovering what a wonderful pet they can be. He is affectionately called the " Velcro dog" because of its desire to be close to his family. The typical size of the Vizsla is  35-50 lbs for females and 45-55 lbs for males. This makes it a desireable house pet. Not to small and not to large, this athletic dog is ideal for families, as it can keep up with the activity of  kids in the home. The Vizsla has very fine hair, in a beautiful auburn color. The dog is considered odorless. While they do shed, the hair is so short and fine, you will not find  it on your clothing or in the form of hair balls rolling across your floor. Easy to maintain, they are truly a wash and wear breed, with grooming consisting of a quick wipe down with a damp cloth, routine nail trims and ear cleaning. They are intelligent and quick to learn and very in tune with their master, very loyal and affectionate. They can go from hearthside, for a jog or a day field in a heartbeat. Excellent agility candidates and a favorite of bikers and joggers who like companionship during an outing, their endurance is legendary. Their physical makeup is of a very svelte profile without excess fat, like most dogs they do not do well as an outdoor dog and prefer the company of their family. If you would be interested in a Vizsla contact Gina at the number above. We can match you up with the perfect dog!